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Dear Chinese friends in Wuhan, Nice to meet you, my name is Danny and I’m an American high school junior. I am the third generation of Wuhan University, my grandpa graduated in 1953, so Wuhan is very important to me on a personal level. We are aware of Coronavirus located in China and all the panic it has caused. As a result, planes have been stopped and sections have been quarantined. The Coronavirus is a scary disease, one that spreads rapidly and kills those with weak immune systems. My peers and I are here to help and provide a perspective from someone from the same age on the other side of the world. 武汉的中国朋友们, 大家好,很高兴认识你们,我叫丹尼,是一名美国高中生。我爷爷 1953 年毕业于武汉大学, 我是一个武三代 ,所以武汉这从个人层面来说对我意义非凡。我们知道现在中国出现了冠状病 毒,以及它所引起的恐慌。这导致很多航班被取消,部分地区被隔离。冠状病毒是一种可怕的 疾病,它传播迅速并夺走那些免疫系统抵抗力脆弱的人们的生命。想到中国朋友们的困境,我 和我的伙伴们想在这里为世界另一个半球的你们提供一些帮助。

However, when life is in a big trouble, we urge you to keep fighting and outlast the virus. Be extremely careful of hygiene and try to be as sanitary as possible. This pandemic is a worldwide crisis in which scientists are all working around the clock to solve. Don’t give up, because once this hardship passes, all that will remain are bad memories and another extinct virus. We want you guys to look to the future and live your full and healthy best life. A problem like this also concerns the rest of the world. We want to assure you that we, America and the rest of the world all support you in your time of need. China is precious to the whole world from its culture, diversity, and people. 然而,当生活遇到巨大挫折的时候,我们急切盼望你们可以继续战斗,战胜病毒。也请大 家特别注意卫生,尽量保持清洁。这次疫情是一场世界性的危机,科学家们都在夜以继日地努 力寻求解决方法。请大家不要放弃,因为一旦战胜了这个困难,剩下的就只有已往的回忆和绝 迹的病毒。我们希望你们可以展望未来,过充实而健康的生活。世界就是一个大的地球村,我 们大家的生活息息相关,我们要向你们保证,美国和世界上其他的国家都会在你们需要的时候 大力支持你们。中国的文化、多样性和人民永远是世界最宝贵的财富。

Since we know that being a teenager during such a time can be hard, we want this group to be an outlet in which you can rely on. Staying cooped up inside your room all day is boring so hopefully, as a group, we discuss anything you guys are curious about or are interested in. Those of us from America can answer questions from an American perspective about Coronavirus or even questions about school and daily life. Here is the Wechat ID(nowhere88),you are welcome to add us. Let's get to know each other and get along well! If you have any friends, they are welcome to join as well! May the people of Wuhan and China overcome this disease as soon as possible! 因为我们知道,作为一个青少年在这样的时期可能是非常困难的,我们希望我们这个小群 体是一个你可以真心交流的窗口。在现在的疫情下,整天呆在房间里一定是很无聊的,所以希 望我们作为一个小组,我们可以用英语聊聊你们感兴趣的任何事情。我们这些美国的学生们可 以从美国人的角度分享一下这边关于冠状病毒的情况,甚至是分享关于我们学校和日常生活的 点滴片段。这是我们这边的微信号(nowhere88),也欢迎大家加上我们。让我们互相了解,成 为朋友吧!也欢迎你们的朋友加入到我们当中!愿武汉人民,中国人民可以早日战胜疫情,大家 健康平安!

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